2012 Pride in Living Pictures Photowalk

QTalk America presents the 2012 Pride in Living Pictures Photowalk

Check out the “living pictures” from Tulsa Pride — posting soon!  Click in the pictures to change the focus and have fun playing with them!!

The 2012 Pride in Living Pictures Photowalk will send Lytro’s revolutionary light field cameras crisscrossing the country to many different gay pride celebrations around the United States.  The Photowalk began in Miami Beach and Phoenix and will conclude for 2012 at Palm Springs Pride in November.  Pictures captured at the various Pride celebrations will be uploaded to lytro.com/pride in separate albums and are shareable on social media, email, etc.  The Lytro “living pictures” technology allows you to change the focus of the pictures on the Lytro website and across the web and desktop and mobile devices.  Plus, as Lytro adds new features to its technology, existing pictures get “upgraded!”

Check out our official photowalk launch video!



Individual Pride organizations are choosing the photographers to use the Lytro cameras at their events, and those photographers will have stickers with the lytro.com/pride site on them for those people who get their picture taken with the Lytro camera.  This is one of the largest collective Photowalks ever to be attempted, and the first such Photowalk involving the LGBT community and Lytro.  QTalk America is excited to be working with Lytro to bring more exposure and visibility to both of our organizations.

Pride Celebrations and Dates on the Photowalk:

04/15 Miami Beach, FL
04/21 Phoenix, AZ (2 Days)
06/02 Tulsa, OK (2 Days)
06/09 Boston, MA (2 Days)
06/10 Washington, DC
06/16 Portland, OR (2 Days)
06/15 Gay Wine Weekend, Sonoma CA (3 Days)
06/24 Chicago, IL (Tentative)
06/23 San Francisco, CA (2 Days)
06/30 Albuquerque, NM
07/21 San Diego, CA (2 Days)
08/04 Edgewater, MD
08/25 Charlotte, NC (2 Days) (Tentative)
09/07 Las Vegas, NV (Tentative)
09/15 Dallas, TX (2 Days)
10/06 Orlando, FL
10/13 Atlanta, GA (2 Days)
11/03 Palm Springs, CA (2 Days)

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