The Show #70: The Fur is Flying!


The Show with Clayton McKee(Warning: Explicit)

This week has the cast welcoming a stunt double for Buddy as he continues his tour with RENT.*  Erin joins in-studio balancing out the male/female ratio.  Headlines contain mostly Buying real stories, the one about the dead cat REALLY gets to Al. (Check cheap mlb jerseys out the picture Makes on our FB page, The gang catches up on what going on in each others lives, Marnie gets wholesale nfl jerseys blamed for moonshine arrests in Bad Alabama, Al has a tragic-free week at cheap MLB jerseys both home 10%, and work, Erin shares some silicon on silicon damage control and Clayton wholesale mlb jerseys tries José his best to produce a quality show inspite Soccer of the cast.  Also, there Lippenstift is a FASCINATING field trip story from the girls that really leaves more questions than answers. *Buddy really isn’t Show travelling with RENT.  Thanks for listening!

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