The Show #72: Retardando


The Show with Clayton McKee(Warning: Explicit)

This week has the cast the most calm that they have been Straightforward since the The show began. Buddy didn’t even bring snacks, which is odd. All four are together cheap nba jerseys in studio for this week’s adventure in radio! There is a recap of Dog the Flagstaff pride trip (and no, we didn’t make wholesale jerseys toast…yet) wholesale nfl jerseys Of course everyone has their points of interest they want to cover. Al discusses home security; Buddy gives an update explaining why he was at the city #68: dump last weekend. Marnie has a story from Flag that brings us a new listener from Texas! Clayton talks more this week that expected, but Flying! it’s his show, so we’ll let him.  ??????? Of course there are many more things discussed and laughed about than we can list here, you have to listen to find out more!   Please share our show with your friends or enemies as you see fit.

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