The Show #176: Tres’ Cher

The Show with Clayon McKeeThe return of our critically acclaimed segment called “Crime Scene Footage” where we reenact 911 calls LIVE!  After headlines in hour 2, you have to hear the Studio C players do their stuff!  Also…Buddy Early (original cast member) stoped by for a surprise visit.  Of course there are headlines, entertainment, sports and about everything else to chat about.  We mix in a few other things here and there too.  We promise to keep the off-color comments and laughs coming week after week!  It’s 3 hours, so get ready…the drinking game doesn’t even start until hour 2!  The usual antics and a good time with  AlMarnieKaty and Clayton.  Good times every week with the cast of “The Show”.  See You Next Tuesday!   Join us LIVE Tuesdays 7-10pm Arizona time. Watch OR listen online, join us in the chat room or email us at 

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