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  1. just found your radio station on ‘Tunein’ been listening to #191: Shut Up, It’s My Turn! very funny indeed! will be a regular

    The Wa’s rom the UK

  2. Love listening to your QTalk podcast very much it makes me happy and I really want to say u guys I love you all???.

    Please say Ebola one more time!!!

  3. I am a new listener to your show. It is very interesting. I do actually enjoy the show very much. Perhaps, many things I might not agree with and somethings I do. I do love listening. I find I listen to you guys while I get up in the morning having my coffee and taking a shower as well as my long drive to work. I find I can’t get through the whole show so I keep listening to some parts over and over again. But its great. I wish you guys could do more shows. Keep em’ coming. Thanks for being there and being interesting and fabulous. Big Hugs to all of you. Namaste’

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