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  • Chris
    #1 written by Chris 5 years ago

    I wish you guys had a webcam. This sounds like a sitcom.

  • Dan
    #2 written by Dan 5 years ago

    U guys sound great 😉
    So glad to hear u on my iPhone
    U got that great radio voice
    Love it
    Dan G 😉

  • Tony
    #3 written by Tony 5 years ago

    Love listening to you guys. Kudos from Albuquerque, NM.

  • dale
    #4 written by dale 1 year ago

    Hi kids!

  • dale
    #6 written by dale 1 year ago

    I lovethat I am waiting moderation!

  • Jimmie
    #8 written by Jimmie 6 months ago

    Hello all! Don’t give Tim Alcohol or terrible things will happen. Kinda like feeding a Gremlin after dark.

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