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LIVE Tuesday nights from 7-10pm (Arizona Time) 

Did you ever find yourself with a bunch of friends, sitting at dinner or brunch with great conversation and say to yourself “We should have a radio show!”…well, we do!  There is a disclaimer at the beginning of “The Show” for a reason!  We pull no punches and take no prisoners.  This cast includes a group of opinionated, good friends who like show tunes, drag, sports, good music, political issues, entertainment news, good conversation AND the all important adult beverage.  These 4 Chatty-Cathys (Clayton, Marnie, Al, & Kat) come from varied backgrounds that make for good times and off-color comments that are sure to grab the attention of listeners week to week.  Let it be no secret that during “The Show”, this cast will be partaking in beverages that are sure to grease the wheels of humor and are the reason for the explicit rating!

The final two hours of the show involve a drinking game played by the in-studio cast

and optionally by the at-home listener.

(please play responsibly)

We are looking forward to mail from listeners looking for advice!

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DISCLAIMER: This show is intended for an adult audience, is comedic in nature and is not meant to be taken seriously.  Please listen and act responsibly.

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