The Show #78: Dismount

The Show with Clayton McKee (WARNING: Explicit)

Did you know the 2012 Olympics were happening? SPOILER ALERT! You will after you’ve listened to this episode!  It’s another week of banter, BS and conversation mixed with humor and some facts that might need a little researching. Buddy’s got his finger on the pulse of the games,  Al was surgically separated from his couch to join us in studio to delight in all that is the Olympics. We find out that Marnie DID NOT eat at a chain restaurant while on her San Diego Va-Ca.  Clayton finally found time to visit him Mom, in person even! And though they don’t really help YOU the at home (or wherever you are) listener, there are plenty of in-studio handouts so that the cast can visualize the current topics better. (We think that Clayton really just wanted to print pics of the hot guys from the Olympics) Oh, and Marnie gets a few special printouts.  Please listen responsibly and if you like us tell a friend!
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