The Show #81: Ataxaphobia & Vodka

The Show with Clayton McKee (WARNING: Explicit)

There’s something on the air…it’s chat…AND A LOT OF IT!  After stellar intros from Clayton, the talking begins!  There are so many things talked about each week, it’s like they need someone in studio to make notes and keep track of what all is going on. Buddy is REALLY excited to be here this week (causing us to wonder about the other weeks), Marnie has decided to give shout-outs every week to people we don’t know, Al bring up actors and others that only he knows about, oh and he interrupts the others.  (But that’s weekly)  There is always fine-tuning going on, so if it sounds different it’s probably because it is.  “4-4-40” (4 people, 4 lists and 40 minutes) continues with not everyone having a list.  Lazy.   As always, thanks for listening, downloading and playing along!

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