The Show #97: Pizza & Lust

  (WARNING: Explicit)

Marnie called earlier in the day to ask if a potential new sponser could stop by and drop off some pizza and say hello, be there for only a minute.  NOT!  The kids from NYPD Pizza stayed for 2 hours and we had a blast!  Their secret weapon…a BEAUTIFUL distraction they brought with them!  (At about 2 minutes into the second hour Clayton loses the ability to function)  Of course there’s a little drinking, a little politics, movie stuff, something is said that’s not PC!  A good time with Al, Marnie, Katy and Clayton.  Headlines, random topics, laughter and vulgarity every week with this cast of “The Show”. Thanks for listening, downloading and playing along!  See You Next Tuesday!  **THERE ARE 3 HOURS OF THE SHOW!  LOOK FOR SHOW #97.5 TO HEAR THE REST OF THIS EPISODE!

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