The Show #169: Fargo + Dead = Show

The Show with Clayon McKeeWe took a week off so “Legal Marijuana Corespondent” Clayton McKee could return from the mountaintop in Denver, but now…WE ARE BACK!  Every time we miss a week, it seems we make up for in in the next show.  (This is no exception)  Plenty of headlines, entertainment and sports to chat about.  Of course we mix in a few other things here and there.  We promise to keep the off-color comments and laughs coming week after week!  It’s 3 hours, so get ready…the drinking game doesn’t even start until hour 2!  The usual antics and a good time with  AlMarnieKaty and ClaytonGood times every week with the cast ofThe Show See You Next Tuesday!   Join us LIVE Tuesdays 7-10pm Arizona time. Watch OR listen online, join us in the chat room or email us at 

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