• The Wa's from the UK
    #1 written by The Wa's from the UK 2 years ago

    just found your radio station on ‘Tunein’ been listening to #191: Shut Up, It’s My Turn! very funny indeed! will be a regular

    The Wa’s rom the UK

    • Clayton
      #2 written by Clayton 2 years ago

      Thank you! If you are able to join us LIVE in the chat room, please do. We love knowing where people are from and what they are doing. Feel free to email us directly using . Cheers!

  • Kyan from Uk
    #3 written by Kyan from Uk 2 years ago

    Love listening to your QTalk podcast very much it makes me happy and I really want to say u guys I love you all???.

    Please say Ebola one more time!!!

    • Clayton
      #4 written by Clayton 2 years ago

      All you have to do is listen to the show over and over! Did you find our page on FaceBook???

  • Reid Knapp
    #5 written by Reid Knapp 2 years ago

    I am a new listener to your show. It is very interesting. I do actually enjoy the show very much. Perhaps, many things I might not agree with and somethings I do. I do love listening. I find I listen to you guys while I get up in the morning having my coffee and taking a shower as well as my long drive to work. I find I can’t get through the whole show so I keep listening to some parts over and over again. But its great. I wish you guys could do more shows. Keep em’ coming. Thanks for being there and being interesting and fabulous. Big Hugs to all of you. Namaste’

    • Clayton
      #6 written by Clayton 2 years ago

      We gave you a shout out on tonight’s show! Thanks for listening and sending us a message! Can you let us know where you are?

  • Reid Knapp
    #7 written by Reid Knapp 2 years ago

    Hometown is plattburgh, ny and where I work but I live in Lyon mountain. Thanks for the shoutout.

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