The Show #67: Mazel Tov


The Show with Clayton McKee(Warning: Explicit)

Previous engagements have both Al & Buddy missing this How episode, so filling cheap mlb jerseys in this week is “Guest Villianess” and long-time friend Doug love Wilkey.  (Another guest was to jerseys have been in studio wholesale jerseys China too, but…um, wholesale jerseys China well, wholesale jerseys listen to find out cheap mlb jerseys what happened with that!)  After initial catching up on league what’s Sabres going on with each other, they get into headlines and cheap jerseys other hot-topics.  A sound clip from the news of a man claiming that he knows what the ????? “real” motives are of worth the gay movement really sets Marnie off, causing them to get a little more serious than is typical for this show.  Topics include a cheap jerseys Jewish rapper coming out, a Mayan calendar “End of the World” update and a local landmark gets a new tenant. Drinks, chat & friends. What more do you want?

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