The Show #68: A Bad Week For Disco


The Show with Clayton McKee(Warning: UW its Explicit)

This episode has wholesale nfl jerseys the gang all Februar back together in cheap jerseys studio!  As the show title indicates, the HOT topic this Finalizes week wholesale nfl jerseys was the death of “The Queen cheap NFL jerseys of Disco”, Donna Summer.  Al regales us with tales of yesteryear as memory lane is filled with the time he met her here and the time he stalked her there…you get the idea.  The rest of the cast get to talk a little bit too!  Buddy tackles the new sports segment opening UNREHEARSED wholesale NFL jerseys and takes the gold!  They are also trying to get the final segment called “Angry Inquisition” (or something like that) of the weekly show locked in. (they’re not there wholesale jerseys yet)  There’s so much being talked about the ??????? two hours simply breeze by.  Adult beverages, non-stop conversation with friends and good times had by all!

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