The Show #82: Excuse My Beauty

The Show with Clayton McKee (WARNING: Explicit)

One thing that’s consistant with this group is that you can never be sure what’s going to fall out of their mouths! The convention in Tampa brings alot of comments and fodder for the gang.  Al gets and in-studio gift on behalf of a friend of Shark Week, Marnie, Buddy and Clayton seem to be along for the ride as they gallop from one topic to another.  Though not a commited viewer, Clayton gets chastised for even watching one episode of “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo“.  This week seemed a little more tame as Al seemed to partake in the drinking game a little less than usual.  There are headlines, sports, random topics, laughter and vulgarity every week with the foursome known as the cast of “The Show With Clayton McKee”, thanks for listening, downloading and playing along!

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