The Show #71: Methadone


The Show with Clayton McKee (Warning: Explicit)

This week the gang is cheap jerseys all back together, and to hear them talk, they missed each other!  Buddy even brings snacks for all! The name for Seattle Seahawks Jerseys this weeks episode was chosen because it was said SO MANY TIMES!  I guess they just had it stuck in their minds!  As usual there is a lot going on, Al never shuts up, wholesale nba jerseys Marnie With throws a few cheap nfl jerseys words cheap nba jerseys in here and there, Buddy has more sports than normal, oh and occasionally Clayton speaks, but not much. (He’s always been kinda shy)  Headlines include Madonna, a divorce hotel and another story that may or may not be Disco real.  The “Thoughtful Vulgarity” segment at the Interpretation end isn’t exaclty as The thoughtful as it’s supposed to Browser? be, but it gets the job a done. We’re not sure how Clayton is ever going to get control of this Hottest show, but tune in every week to see if he does.

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